Piece of Meat sells out @ Coney Island FF

October 8, 2009

Piece of Meat was submitted to exactly one film festival. The music video’s success was a freak accident, so where better to display such a bizarre phenomenon than at the Coney Island Film Festival? Well apparently it got in! And apparently, its screening, and the other shorts programmed with it, were SO popular, the screening was the first to sell out, and the demand was compared by festival staff to “Beatlemania.”

And us, the excited filmmakers, were stuck here in Philly, hosting another equally awesome film festival, Project Twenty1. So despite our best wishes, we were unable to attend. However, we hear nothing but great things! As a consolation prize to ourselves, we added the film to a shorts screening at P21 as well, because we felt awful having to miss its theatrical World Premiere. So technically, POM has screened in 2 fests now! We just have to figure out how to attach laurels to a YouTube video.

Thanks to everybody for your support and love of this film! We promise the next one will be less weird. (*Not an actual promise.)


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