Cinevore projects in development for 2010

November 10, 2009

Hello to all our friends, fans, and followers.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’ve had a number of websites over the years, from our early days at Sith Servo Pictures in 2000, through the creation of nearly a dozen projects, short, feature-length, and music video alike. Many of our websites had a forum, a message board, or something similar, and many of these forums went straight to hell immediately upon being launched. Of course, this was before the days of the ubiquitous blog. But it’s nearly a new decade, and it’s time we made a place to hear from us, and interact with us once again.

Most of you know of or have seen Scarfeet, the teaser for Controls, Dirty Dishes, and Piece of Meat, our 4 projects to date under the Cinevore banner. (If you haven’t… there’s no better time!) Know that as we write this, in the tail end of 2009, we have in our possession five feature-length scripts, a dozen short scripts, and literally hundreds of ideas in the closely guarded “idea bank” google doc we keep only to the principles of Cinevore. We also have three HD cameras that have been giving us fantastic footge for the past three years in commercial, documentary, and reality TV shoots, all dying to be put into use on a real narrative fiction film project already.

We are bubbling with excitement to bring these projects to you. Many will come to fruition in a similar form as they stand today. Many will evolve into something much stronger. And others will not live up to our rigorous standards, and fade away into the background. But what we produce… that will be nothing but the cream of the crop. As we gear up production on these miracle projects, we want to make sure we do that right, and not let our enthusiasm rush us into anything under-staffed or under-funded. So bear with us… it stands to be a bumpy, yet fun, ride.

Upon completion of our last project, Piece of Meat in 2008, we learned that people like what we do. Or they hate it. But at least they’re watching. 300,000+ views on YouTube, and features on CollegeHumor.com and similar sites let us know what we’re doing is unique, interesting. The next projects we are developing will be above and beyond what is expected from independent film.

For those who don’t know us that well, my name is Matt Conant, and I am the Creative Director here at Cinevore. Through this blog, you will hear from not only me, but others from the Cinevore collective, as we keep you in the loop on our latest projects, from script through development, into production, and to their inevitable distribution. It is a long and often painful process, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. And we wouldn’t keep doing it, if those around us didn’t keep telling us how much fun our projects are to watch.

We do it for you, our audience. And we hope you’ll join us for the ride. More soon…



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