OA, BTTF, and other abbreviations

June 25, 2011

Thanks to all our fans and site visitors. It has been a crazy month for Cinevore, with the release of 4 new episodes of our new series OverAnalyzers (bringing the total to 7) covering Dracula’s Cape, Ernest P. Worrell, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They will be featured on this site soon, but for now, check ’em out on Cinemassacre.com. There is a new dropdown heading under “Movie Reviews” for OverAnalyzers. If you like ’em, leave a comment! The comments section is almost as entertaining as the videos themselves. And as a tease, the next episode is the staff favorite. So look forward to that sometime in the next week.

Equally exciting, some of you may recall our work on the short film Choose, by Good to be Seen Films, last summer. Cinevore’s Stephanie Yuhas was co-producer of the film, and Matt Conant did his usual behind-the-scenes videography. Well, the film has gotten into the LA Shorts Fest, an Academy-Award nominating festival! Meaning if people like it, hey, we might actually be up for an Oscar. Pretty sweet. We are now trying to find ways to cover the cost of the 5-day trip to L.A. for the festival during this era of perpetually high gas prices/airfare. The festival is the end of July, so hopefully we’ll solve that dilemma soon.

Meanwhile, Matt Conant has also been involved in the documenting of James Rolfe’s adventures at the Too Many Games convention in Oaks, PA, filming a review of the Back to the Future game series by Telltale Games, and posting a quickie review of the new J. J. Abrams film, Super 8.

Also, any filmmakers out there who have not yet signed up to be a team in this year’s 21-Day Filmmaking Competition, the Late Deadline has been extended until July 1st! Hurry up and get onboard now. If you enter and the fest isn’t everything you hoped, Matt Conant is one of the organizers, so he gives you permission to personally punch him in the balls. But trust us, you’ll have fun.

Exciting stuff ahead this summer, including a new revamp of this website to allow for easier access to the videos. Stay tuned…


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