Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival

September 2, 2011

The crazy summer is transforming fast into a crazy autumn. Season 1 of OverAnalyzers is live on both Cinevore.com and Cinemassacre.com, wrapped up with a hilarious outtake video of all the stuff we couldn’t use. We’ve done some tweaks for Season 2, but it’ll be the same show everybody is growing to love from Season 1. New episodes are likely to air sometime in November.

We also just got back from our trip to PAX Prime in Seattle, where we were filming coverage of Cinemassacre‘s panel and signing, as well as some publicity stunts for Screenwave Media, who will also be helping revamp Cinevore’s website and make it easier for everybody to view our videos.

Meanwhile, Cinevore is once again a Presenting Sponsor of Project Twenty1‘s Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival, which this year will be welcoming nearly 150 short and feature-length films to the Philadelphia area from all corners of the globe. Also, the typical workshops, parties, etc. All-access passes are now available at ProjectTwenty1.com. Remember to dress to the nines for Sunday’s Red Carpet Awards Ceremony, the highlight of last year’s festival.

Cinevore’s key personnel will all be there, as will James Rolfe (AVGN) from Cinemassacre, as well as the Quentin Tarantinos and Ridley Scotts of tomorrow. And as we all know, the best people to get drunk and party with are creative people, right? Hope to see you there!

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