Season Premiere of OverAnalyzers today

December 16, 2011

The new season of OverAnalyzers bring a few changes, but mostly the same bizarre discussion you’ve come to expect! Season 2 brings 7 new episodes (plus an episode of outtakes, and maybe some suprises along the way…), starting with this one, dealing with the elusive question of James Bond. He was a middle-aged dude in the 60’s, and yet here it is 2011, and everything else has changed but him. Is he immortal? How do we harness that for ourselves? And other, less relevant questions. Enjoy!

And of course, if you enjoy the show, write something awesome on Cinemassacre’s forums!

In other news, we hope to have a new forum-style system on this site in the near future, but no idea how near said future is. So just keep checkin’ back.

And lastly, for our other projects: the episode of Living in 8 Bits that we Cinevores co-wrote now has over 40,000 views on YouTube, and we have another one in the can, set to go live probably sometime in the spring. Whenever we have a few spare hours, we have been writing new scripts for LI8B, because we love that series, so even if only a tenth of them get produced, we’ll probably have a good number racked up soon. We also have a similar OA-related surprise coming up in an upcoming episode of The Game Chasers in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on their Facebook or website for all the latest this Xmas season.

As for the “official” OverAnalyzers episodes, Bond Part 2 coming this weekend to Cinemassacre, and eventually, right here on Cinevore.


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