GameChasers Xmas Special & OA Season 2

December 26, 2011

As promised, the Cinevore team makes cameos as their OverAnalyzers characters in the hilarious animated Christmas special from our friends The Game Chasers. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure you do, they have great production values and are truly terrific human beings. Also, they’re pretty damn funny.

Additionally, the James Bond-themed episodes of OA that launched Season 2 were resounding successes. THANK YOU to everybody who is watching and commenting. We have more plans for this series going forward, but for the near future anyway, we think it’s a safe bet to expect monthly episodes for Season 2. If you keep watching, that is.

Check us out on YouTube, and if you haven’t yet, subscribe!

Also, support our awesome friends The Game Chasers by subscribing on YouTube and watching on RetrowareTV.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody! Here’s to a great 2012!


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