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OverAnalyzers featured in VSauce’s “DONG”

February 2, 2012

I’ve been using the internet for many many years, and somehow missed the existence of this thing called VSauce. The fact that they have 500,000+ subscribers combined with the fact that it is a fascinating channel, make us feel super behind-the-curve on this one.

VSauce defines itself as “Amazing Facts & The Best of the Internet”, and since I know there are absolutely no facts conveyed in OverAnalyzers, I have to assume the latest episode of their show “DONG” (Do Online Now, Guys — Episode “Picture of Everything?”) featured us because of that second part. And that is truly noteworthy. “Mildly amusing”? Sure. “Best of the Internet”? Well, we’re blushing. Too bad it’s too late for 2011 Oscar Noms. I’d put Matei on the Academy’s shortlist.

Seriously, though, it’s difficult to make content on the internet that can hope to compete with cats falling off things, children biting fingers, and hysterical Norwegians fuming over butter shortages. So when an intelligent channel like VSauce decides to spread some intelligence around, it makes  us feel all warm ‘n’ fuzzy. Thanks to DONG, now we can’t stop thinking of all the time we were out doing stuff that we COULD have been wasting on the internet.

Because of this brief mention, Cinevore’s YouTube channel, the place to see OverAnalyzers (outside of our embedded blip feeds) has exploded overnight. If you think this is an exaggeration, I would like to point out that we spent 6 years accumulating 1,500 subscribers, and in the last 24 hours, that number has nearly quadrupled.

So, welcome to our horde of new fans! This “VSauce Army” (as they call themselves) could have given the Mongols a run for their money. We hope they like us, and that we’re not swallowed into… whatever type of thing hordes… swallow things… into.

And for those who AREN’T yet aware, Cinevore’s YouTube channel only features episodes after 90 days of exclusive run here on and So to see all the latest episodes of OA, check out those two sites.


OverAnalyzers #11: Muppets & Muppet Babies

January 13, 2012

New: OverAnalyzers Season 2 continues with a mystery that has never plagued anyone. Ever.

How do Muppets reproduce to make Muppet Babies? Also: Star Wars.

What more is there to say? Watch it on Cinevore or Cinemassacre!


Cinevore crew co-writing upcoming episodes of Living in 8 Bits

October 28, 2011

Cinevore’s Matt Conant and Stephanie Yuhas recently co-wrote a script for the hit web series “Living in 8 Bits” for the New Jersey-based Mixed Nuts Productions. Since show-runner Michael Licisyn is one of the talented camera ops behind OverAnalyzers, the collaboration was long-overdue. Licisyn himself did final tweaks on the episode to make sure the mood, comedy, and timing matched the vibe of the series. Conant and Yuhas also assisted with the concept of another episode (which was subsequently written in its entirely by Licisyn), and one or both of them will likely be making an appearance in at least one of the episodes alongside. The shoot is set to take place in New Jersey, and in and around the Project Twenty1 headquarters in downtown Norristown, PA.

Living in 8 Bits follows the interview-style reality show format of shows like The Office, but applies it to the premise that video game logic exists in real life. Prior episodes have focused on hilarious and diverse video game topics ranging from football teams that are unstoppable when they zigzag across a field to doors that open only when shot with firearms, to the tragic consequences for main characters in shooters whose arms get stuck that way.

Originally scheduled for October 29th, the shoot has been postponed due to unseasonable weather predictions including the threat of snow (really? before Halloween?). The episodes will likely film in November and arrive on sometime this winter.

In addition to the two episodes mentioned above, a collaboration on two future episodes are in planning stages as well.

For all the original Metroid fans out there, check out Mixed Nuts’ hilarious recent episode “Justin Bailey”:


Scarfeet Wins Editor’s Choice Award on

August 29, 2007

Cinevore has just learned that Scarfeet has won an Editor’s Choice Award on the brand new Sony-run video site! Cinevore wishes to thank to Crackle editors for their clearly phenomenal taste.